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East Tennessee First


Seven generations ago the Matlock family settled in the East Tennessee Valley and never left.

Jimmy grew up in Lenoir City with his parents and three sisters where he attended public school.  Jimmy was a member of the Lenoir City High School football team where he kept the bench warm.  Like the children of most family-run small business he worked with his father from a young age.

When Jimmy was 23 years old he faced the unexpected challenge of taking over the family business after his father, Joe, suddenly passed away in 1982. Jimmy stepped up to that challenge, set aside his college aspirations, and took the reins of Matlock Tire Service & Auto Repair.

Over the 35 years, Jimmy expanded the family business to four locations by making excellence in customer service a way of life, not just a company motto.

With Jimmy’s oldest son stepping into the family business, Joe is the third generation to lead Matlock Tire alongside many employees who have served up to 40 years.  In three and a half decades under Jimmy’s watch, the Matlock approach to loyalty and service has made a lasting, positive impact on customers, employees, and the communities in which they live.

While growing up in Lenoir City, Jimmy met Miss Dean Liles. After graduating high school, Jimmy began writing to her and they were married in 1984. They’ve been together ever since, bringing three children into the world along the way and living life’s daily adventures hand in hand.

When Ronald Reagan hit the national political scene, Jimmy was inspired to become active in politics. He became involved with the Loudon County Republican Party, eventually serving as Chairman. When his district’s seat in the Tennessee State House opened up, many encouraged Jimmy to run. He was elected in 2006 and has served for 11 years in the General Assembly, where he has chaired the House Insurance & Banking Subcommittee and the House Transportation Committee.

In recent years Jimmy has grown deeply concerned with the direction and condition of the nation and culture. He’s watched with disgust as Washington, DC seems to become more and more of a swamp filled with self-serving career politicians who say one thing to get elected and then act for their own self interests once in office. Jimmy believes that men of principle must now rise to the challenge of reclaiming the Capitol and correcting the course that’s been set in DC. He hopes to do just that by bringing the Matlock family’s East Tennessee values to Washington.

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